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Introducing LEMNOS Haloumi - The Ultimate Grilling Delight!

Get ready to elevate your culinary game with LEMNOS Haloumi, the irresistible cheese that transforms any meal into a mouthwatering sensation. Made with love and craftsmanship, this Mediterranean treasure boasts a golden-brown, crispy exterior that gives way to a heavenly, creamy center with every bite.

Crafted from the finest locally-sourced ingredients, LEMNOS Haloumi grills to perfection, creating a symphony of flavors that dance on your taste buds. Its versatility knows no bounds - pan-fry it for a deliciously savory breakfast, add it to salads for a burst of indulgence, or simply grill it on the barbecue for a delectable delight.

Indulge in the perfect balance of saltiness and creaminess, as LEMNOS Haloumi is carefully aged to deliver an exquisite taste that is second to none. Ideal for vegetarians and cheese enthusiasts alike, this artisanal creation is a must-have for food lovers seeking a unique and delightful culinary experience.

Join the ranks of seasoned gourmets and elevate your dishes with LEMNOS Haloumi. Order now and savor the Mediterranean magic that awaits in every bite!

LEMNOS haloumi

₩8,900 Regular Price
₩8,010Sale Price
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